This FREE EduFitness app will teach you all the basics of physical activity and healthy lifestyle so you could transform your body and life for better.

We give knowledge - You get results!
Not exactly. SOTKA isn't just a bunch of different exercises mixed together in a "program", but rather an educational course which provides you with all the answers to the questions about physical training, nutrition, self-management, motivation and so on. But there is a training part too.
547 000
SOTKA is based on scientific information from more 1000+ sources combined with Big Data analytics of the perfomance of each participant which allows us to constantly improve the content to increase it's
SOTKA contains answers to all questions people usually have when they decide to start workingout. During the program you will get information about single exercises and overall training, different products and nutrition, motivation and time management and many more.
100% Free
SOTKA is completely free because we believe that "knowledge IS NOT for sale".
Jason, 26 (Texas)
David, 32 (Chicago)
Olivia, 30 (Houston)
Alex, 35 (Columbus)
Claire, 29 (Oregon)
-20 lbs (-9,5 kg)
Before going through SOTKA when I was coming home from work I only had enough strength to lay on couch and watch TV. But after first two week into the program I alreay had enough strength for my work 9 to 5, home duties after that and even for my evening training session! I have also become much more confident in myself and now I love my own reflection in the mirror, believe me, this costs a lot!
-50 lbs (-23kg)
I liked SOTKA very much! Especially the moment that you don't have to buy gym membership, because it's totally free! I have never thought that bodyweight exercises could be that effective, especially in such short period of time. Ofcause, now I will have to completely change my wardrobe, but I'm happy about it, because it's going to be of smaller sizes!
-24 lbs (-11 kg)
I'm more than happy with the results which I have achieved during SOTKA! I have also learned a lot of new information, both useful and interesting. And I started to take my workouts with much more responsibility. Now every morning I wake up with my mind already thinking about training session in the evening. This is so COOL! 😍
-26 lbs (-12 kg)
When I had excessive weight, I had some problems on my work, because it was difficult to execuse physical work and I work on a construction site. Permanent dyspnea and smoke breaks... Now it's all gone! I can easily mix concrete from 9 to 5 and still have strength to do my regular workout in the evening!
-33 lbs (-15 kg)
After giving birth to my second child I was completely out of shape. I tried many other apps but they did not fit me, because they were all about high intensity training and complex exercises. What I loved most about SOTKA is that it gives you a slow start and allows you to increase the training load with your own pace. And the training sessions don't take much more than 15-30 mins, but you don't feel sore and exhausted after them!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is KNOWLEDGE so important?
Understanding several principles eliminates the need to learn hundreds of rules.

In our app you don't just repeat the exercises which you are given, but get the full understanding how your body works. This gives you access to the infinite number of exercises where your imagination is the only limit. You don't just get the ready-made recipes for dinner, but get the full understanding what is food made of and how different macronutrients affect your body. This gives you possibility to eat everything you want (ice-creams, pizzas, you name it) and still get results you want, whether it's weight loss or weight gain.

And SOTKA goes beyond just training and nutrition, covering other different aspects of life, so by the end of the programm you would be a completely different person: stronger, healthier, sexier and more confident!
How does SOTKA work?
Everyday you'll get a new infopost covering one of the topics which you need to know if you want to get results and transform yourself. The infoposts are combined so each week is dedicated to a particular topic.

For example, during WEEK 1 you will know how to warm-up properly, how to do push-ups, pull-ups and squats and how to cool down. During WEEK 2 you will know about caloric balance, how does protein, carbohydrates and fats affect your body and get a practical work for creating your own new ration for a week. Later in the programm you will get answers to all the questions which you may have at the start. We are really serious about that.

You will also make a simple bodyweight workout consisted of basic exercises which would take no more than 30 minutes, but still provide great results. We don't believe in gymrats or gymsharks, we believe that the less time you spend working out (while still getting results) is the better, because you will have more time for really useful things (work, family, friends, you name it).
What about in-app purchases?
Our app is 100% FREE, which means that you will get all the information you need and all the functions to transform yourself. But if you would want to go beyond our proven programm which has already helped more than 500 000 people around the globe, then you will be able to purchace ADVANCED TRAINING EDITOR. It would allow you to add your own exercises to the list and create custom workouts. On the last day of the programm, if you would decide to continue using our app, than you would be able to buy CALENDAR EXTENSION and add 100 more days to the calendar. There will be no new infoposts, but you would be able to continue your training journal.
Anton Kuchumov
Anton is one of the founders of Street Workout subculture, which has recenly became a worldwide phenomenon, changing the fitness surface forever. He is not a professional athlete or trainer. He had his master degree in Project Management and Economics. But he was convinced by his own example, that you can become stronger, healthier and fitter without any financial expenses and that training sessions could take very small time still providing great results.

The key to success is knowledge of what you do and why. Together with his team of professionals he gathered the pieces of information from countless number of sources, starting from school books and finishing with recent publications in scientific journals. After years of work they have structured all the data in one simple, yet very efficient 100 days educational course called SOTKA.
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